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Here's What We'll be Covering:

1.Desire and Readiness for Change:
Genuine desire to heal, grow, and transform drives change in various life aspects.

2.Truth and Self-Awareness:
Transformation relies on confronting personal truth and understanding behavioral patterns.

3.Confronting Deflection and Resistance:
Overcoming deflection and acknowledging central roles enables conscious responses.

4.Starting the Transformation Journey:
Beginning with shared fears, embracing self-knowledge, and processing emotions paves the path to change.

5.Steps to Transformation and Self-Assessment:
Practical steps include evaluating desired changes and completing a self-assessment questionnaire for guidance.

You're About to Experience One of the Most Effective Life Transformation Programs.


What key life experiences have shaped you and how are they affecting your relationships today?

What mental and emotional programs are running behind the scenes to shape your reactions and behaviours in the moment?

Wondering how to cultivate deep self-acceptance and self-love and embrace your true worth?

Longing to connect deeply with your partner, children, friends and co-workers and build life-giving relationships?

The Curriculum

Explore the Heart Healers Life Class Curriculum

Science-Based Teaching + Emotional Processing + Daily Self-Care Habits + Life Tools + Community Support

The Heart Healers Life Class is a transformative 12-week journey to unlock your inner potential. Led by Sandra Lopez-Savard, each week focuses on a crucial aspect of your personal growth and transformation.

Our program includes 20 hours of teaching plus 20 hours of live coaching with Sandra. Join our supportive community and begin your journey to wholeness, happiness and success. 

The First Journey - Healing Family Wounds & Big Hurts

Connecting with Your Wonder Child & Your Wounded Child

Healing Your Mother Wound /Your Father Wound

Healing Family, Social & Cultural wounds

Healing The Big Hurts & Traumas  of Your Life

Toxic Thinking, Negative Inner Tapes & Anxiety

Not Good Enough, Abandonment & Rejection


Cultivate deep self-acceptance and self-love.

Overcome past hurts, people-pleasing, anxiety, depression and more.

Become whole and happy.

Discover how to have more love, happiness and success?

Become a better partner and experience deep intimacy and joy in your love life. 

Become a better parent and have a more connected and impactful relationship with your children.

Become a more impactful manager or business leader.

 Sandra Lopez-Savard, Heart Healer and Creator of "The Three  Transformations"

As Founder and CEO of a collective of life-changing companies, I'm on a mission of transformation; my dream is to help you feel, think and live in new ways, become whole and happy and achieve the success that betters your world and ours.


I want to change the world. Starting with yours.

Over my four decades as a Corporate Trainer, Heart Healer, Leadership Coach and Spiritual Director, I have come to believe that your personal transformation is the surest path to a better you, a better life, and a better world for us all.

As you awaken your spirit, clean your heart, clear your mind and step into your true identity, you will show up as your best, most noble self.

You will unlock your destiny, discover your highest purpose and live your best life. And you will contribute the love and solutions we need right now.

This profound journey starts with healing your heart.

" I have a great new career, a better marriage and I am a more loving friend, daughter,
mother and sister."



" I have now discovered the strength and ambition to fulfill the unrealized dreams."




"After doing a B.A., M.Ed. in psychology, nothing has offered me such scope for introspection and healing as Heart Healers" 

Free from Root Issues

My life was not working and I didn’t even know why.  Heart Healers helped me recognize root issues and get free of them.  As a result, I have a great new career, a better marriage and I am a more loving friend, daughter, mother and sister.  I am free to show up as who I am and operate in integrity.  It feels great. I cannot say enough about the course. EVERYONE should take it.  Thank you, Sandra.

Sheila V. – Arbritator

New-Found Freedom

Sandra, thank you so much for Heart Healers. It has profoundly changed my life. The new-found freedom and release have allowed me to begin breaking the bondage of habitual bad decisions, and errors in judgement. I have now discovered the strength and ambition to fulfill the unrealized dreams that have plagued me, and for the first time, I feel that my life is on track.


Jessica J. – Published Author

Introspection and Healing

I thought that it was going to give me (us) strategies for working with others. However, I (we) got a bonus. I got to do some work on myself. Thank you. After doing a B.A., M.Ed. and almost completing a Ph.D. in psychology, nothing, neither practicum or internship had offered me such scope for introspection and healing. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. 

Alison M. – Psychologist











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Become Whole. Happy. Confident.
Be Set Free Of The Past.
Break Negative Patterns.