You're About to Experience One of the Most Effective Personal Transformation Programs.


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Longing to heal your hurts, be whole and overcome your past?

What key life experiences have shaped your choices, confidence and what you settle for?

What mental and emotional programs are running behind the scenes to shape your beliefs and limit your performance?

Wondering how to cultivate deep self-acceptance and the courage to get what you want?

You can learn how to connect deeply with your partner, children, friends and co-workers and build life-giving relationships.

"I have now discovered the strength and ambition to fulfill the unrealized dreams."

Jessica J
Published Author

"After doing a B.A., M.Ed. in psychology, nothing has offered me such scope for introspection and healing as Heart Healers"

Alison M

"I have a great new career, a better marriage and I am a more loving friend, daughter, mother and sister."

Sheila V

You're About to Experience One of the Most Effective Life Transformation Programs.

 The Curriculum

Explore the Heart Healers Life Class Curriculum

Science-Based Teaching + Emotional Processing + Daily Self-Care Habits + Life Tools + Community Support

The Heart Healers Life Class is a transformative 12-week journey to unlock your inner potential. Led by Sandra Lopez-Savard, each week focuses on a crucial aspect of your personal growth and transformation.

Our program includes 20 hours of teaching plus 20 hours of live coaching with Sandra. Join our supportive community and begin your journey to wholeness, happiness and success. 


The First Journey - Healing Family Wounds & The Big Hurts of Your Life

Connecting with Your Wonder Child & Your Wounded Child

Healing Your Mother Wound /Your Father Wound

Healing Family, Social & Cultural wounds

Healing The Big Hurts & Traumas  of Your Life

Toxic Thinking, Negative Inner Tapes & Anxiety

Not Good Enough, Abandonment & Rejection

The Second Journey - Breaking Free of Old Patterns & Behaviours

Overcoming Co-dependency, Fear of Intimacy & Self-Sabotage 

The Stain of Shame, Guilt & Self-Rejection.

Developing Intuition - Freedom from Manipulation & Control

The Third Journey - Developing New Ways of Being & Living

Building Confidence & Courage 

Finding Your Authentic Voice. 

From Wounding To Wonder

 Sandra Lopez-Savard, Heart Healer and Creator of "The Three  Transformations"

As Founder and CEO of a collective of life-changing companies, I'm on a mission of transformation; my dream is to help you feel, think and live in new ways, become whole and happy and achieve the success that betters your world and ours.

I want to change the world. Starting with yours.

Over my four decades as a Corporate Trainer, Heart Healer, Leadership Coach and Spiritual Director, I have come to believe that your personal transformation is the surest path to a better you, a better life, and a better world for us all.

As you awaken your spirit, clean your heart, clear your mind and step into your true identity, you will show up as your best, most noble self.

You will unlock your destiny, discover your highest purpose and live your best life. And you will contribute the love and solutions we need right now.

This profound journey starts with healing your heart.

Gain a Profound Sense of Clarity & Insight

Developing a sense of clarity is like polishing a foggy mirror. This Life class helps you understand why you feel, think and live the way you do, and what you truly believe about yourself and others. As the mist dissipates, you will gain a deep understanding of yourself and the people around you.

Clarity brings focus, purpose, and a guiding light on your journey toward wholeness and fulfillment.

Release the Weight of Past Wounds

Heart Healers Life Class liberates you to soar beyond the chains of past pain and the limitations of past beliefs. With each healing step, you reclaim your power, embrace freedom, and create space for new beginnings.

It's the first steps towards being free to fully embrace your gifts and potential.

As you become your best self, you will feel able to build your best life.

Shift Towards More Self-Confidence

By taking care of your heart and mind you are prioritizing self-care and creating a foundation of well-being. You will  show up as more playful, confident and courageous.

Cultivating self-care is a transformative act of love and it nourishes the soul. As you honour yourself and recognize the sacred you, you will naturally train others to treat you  well.


This is the moment everything can change. Experience profound transformation from 20 hours of Sandra's enlightening teaching plus 20 hours of her live coaching.

Complete Heart Healers Program -1+2+3



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12 Classes with Sandra

12 Live Coaching Circles with Sandra

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1. Healing Family Wounds & Big Hurts




6 Classes with Sandra

6 Live Coaching Circles with Sandra

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2. Breaking Free of Old Patterns & Behaviors


3 weeks


3 Classes with Sandra

3 Live Coaching Circles with Sandra

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3. Developing New Ways of Being & Living


3 Weeks


3 Classes with Sandra

3 Live Coaching Circles with Sandra

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