Hi, I'm Sandra.

I'm here with the heart of a mother, the mentoring of a coach and the wisdom of a CEO to help you become whole, happy and successful.

The SLS Collective


 My collective of initiatives and businesses are all dedicated to bettering your world and ours. 

I love transformation - seed to harvest, dream to build, fear to faith, failure to success and follower to leader.









Dream. Build. Grow.

How It Began

Trinidad and Tobago

I was born into a family of 11 girls and three boys in 1957. 

I remember being aware of feelings as early as three or four years old. I was only seven, at the market with my family, when I noticed the flies on the over-ripe fruit, the look of sadness and despair on the faces of the vendors and their swollen feet.

I forgot about the mangoes I had been dreaming about; all I wanted right then was to help them sell their fruit, rest their bodies and to bring them hope.

I want to change the world. Starting with yours.


I want to change the world. Starting with yours.

Over my four decades as a Corporate Trainer, Serial Entrepreneur and Life Coach, I have come to believe that your personal transformation is the surest path to a better you, a better life, and a better world for us all.

As you awaken your spirit, clean your heart, clear your mind and step into your true identity, you will show up as your best, most noble self.

You will unlock your destiny, discover your highest purpose and live your best life.

You will contribute the love and solutions we need right now.

This profound journey starts with healing your heart.

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