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Resurrection Red

Jul 12, 2023

Why I wear red…even if it’s just lipstick.

I was a thirty-one-year old single mom, with a four-year-old daughter and a failed business; money was scarce.

I had invested all my dreams, hopes and finances into creating and developing a chain of franchises and I spent years multitasking at a truly insane level.

They were successful for a season but I had grown them too quickly and they all fell apart.

My fall-on-my-face failure shook me to the core and shattered my confidence. I was struggling with self-doubt and the very public shame of it all. It felt like one day I was doing my makeup and wearing fabulous clothes and the next I was bare-faced and dishevelled. I just wanted to go unnoticed.

 One morning I went “window shopping” at the mall in Richmond and tried on a bright red lipstick. It was love at first sight. But I knew it was either lipstick or milk. I chose milk. And forgot about the lipstick.

Latter that day, my friend called and said she had a gift for me. She had been out shopping in Vancouver and had a very strong impulse to buy lipstick.

Incredibly, she bought the exact brand and shade of lipstick that I loved. Even more unusual is the fact that she never wears anything red; clothes, shoes, makeup.

As soon as she got home she knew it was for me.

The moment I applied it, I looked in the mirror and saw a beautiful woman with full red lips who couldn’t be ignored. It was a pivotal moment in my life.

That red lipstick helped me shine again. It felt like a love-gift from God and it restored my courage.

These days I invest my passions and skills in supporting organizations and projects that I care about, whether it ‘s my Love One Foundation and the Love Haiti Project, or healing hearts and growing a start up.

I’m privileged to be working with an incredible group of people who embrace the vision to make our world a kinder, more livable and more equitable place.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time in the mountains and lakes, dancing to anything with a beat, reading, and bringing the world together in my kitchen.

I love the colour red.

Whenever I’m facing a challenge or attending a difficult meeting I’ll be wearing red lipstick. It’s my warrior paint.

It reminds me that I can rise again. And again.

That’s why I call it Resurrection Red.


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