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The Power of Small Steps

Jul 12, 2023
So one day, as if by magic, these iconic men and women, lifted their tiny heads. Their families may have smiled at this small act, not imagining the great ones to follow. They had exercised a tiny, but exhilarating control over their bodies. Their next big move was to roll over. Victory, again small, but definitive and an essential precursor to future successes. These seemingly insignificant tasks were actually activating the seed of success that lies in each of us. As much as it was a moment of triumph and even jubilation, it only lasted for a short time. Because they were created for far greater things, rolling over would never be enough. There were significant feats, creative works, acts of love and power resting dormant in them. Something kept calling them to the next challenge, the next milestone, the next level of achievement.
So they crawled, and now they could move and take territory, be it only the living room. It was practice for more, so much more.
Like them, your tiny, seemingly insignificant successes are never just that. They are always the beginnings of something much greater.  What is seen with the eye is just a tiny fraction of your immense potential.

Your possibilities are limitless.

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