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You Have a Seed of Greatness

Jul 12, 2023
Martin Luther King, John Lennon, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Michael Jordan, Maya Angelou and Amelia Earhart have something in common with you. Like you, they were ordinary babies, and nothing about them may have foretold their greatness.
Was there anything about Michael Angelo that gave his parents the idea that he would paint the Sistine Chapel? It is unlikely that strangers looked at any of them as they quietly slept and knew they would become history makers.
They all started life small, weak and vulnerable. That is, in fact, the great, awe-inspiring story of every life on planet Earth. We each begin in fragility, yet within us is an unimaginable storehouse of potential, talent and possibilities.
These great men and women faced the same challenges as every human baby. And just like you, they spent many weeks lying on their backs looking at toddlers, children and adults who walked, ran and danced. And I suspect they longed to do the same. 

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