Our Family Wants To Make A Difference.

We are passionate about changing the world through the Love One Foundation.  We have spent the past three decades helping those in need in Canada, India, Ghana and Haiti. We will now focus on Haiti and the indigenous peoples of Canada.

We are convinced that every act of kindness matters, from a smile to the inclusion of those who are marginalized to feeding the poor to giving hope to the hopeless.

From left to right: Aisha Taylor (daughter) Sandra Lopez Savard, Josiah Savard (son) Siobhan Sam (daughter) Andre Savard (husband).

Why We Love One

Together, we can change the world.

If each one loves one.

The one in the mirror. The one in front of us. The one in need.

We help “the least among us’ to celebrate their sacredness, to grow in self-love and to nurture their dreams.

As they heal their hearts and elevate their thinking, we equip them to build homes, businesses and wealth. 

Our initiatives are transformative, practical and sustainable.

Should I Wait Until I'm Rich (or my life is perfect) to Give Back?

Is it better to wait until you have made a lot of money before trying to change the world? The idea (excuse?) is that you can then have a greater impact. But is it really true?

Giving is an investment in yourself. What lights YOU up? 

The power of gift-giving is in not getting anything back. The bond  with the one receiving increases the value of the gift for both you and them.

The world is waiting for you to show up as a hero who makes a difference in your family, community or our world.



Love First Nations

We hope to partner with local tribes to bring healing to hearts and communities. This dream was birthed out of love for our daughter, Siobhan Sam, who is from the Neskonlith band.

She came into our family as a foster child when she was 15. She is now 42 and the eldest of our three children.

We are particularly passionate about helping youth discover their natural gifts and equipping them to build their dreams.

With the guidance of tribal leaders, we hope to enhance entrepreneurial/leadership development for First Nations people.



Heart Healers Foundation + Lifeline Haiti

Love Haiti project is a partnership between Love One Foundation and Lifeline Haiti.

Lifeline Haiti has been operating in Haiti for over 16 years by Bob and Linda Davisson. Bob is Canada’s CBC Champion For Change 2010.

Together, we will bring hope, healing and homes to the people of men, women and children of Haiti.


Bob & Linda Davisson - Founders Lifeline Haiti

Bob and Linda have faithfully and passionately loved the people of Haiti for over 16 years. Bob is a former RCMP officer and Olympiad.

He visited Haiti in 2004 and chose to invest his heart and life savings into a ministry called Lifeline Haiti. Bob and Linda have built 53 schools and several churches, planted a 20-acre cocoa plantation, implemented school feeding programs, developed a cinder block plant for building homes and churches, and given away hundreds of thousands of free meals.

I have few heroes but these are two of my favourites. 


Become An Armchair Activist.

You may not be ready to go to faraway places, feed the hungry or build houses for the homeless, but you can still be a hero.

You can dispel despair, shine light into the darkness or feed, educate or free a child without leaving your home, office or city. Whatever you do matters. Your giving makes a difference. 

WIN365 gives you the platform to make a difference. Together, we can change the world.

It starts with recognizing the sacred in each and every person and finding a small way to have a big impact.