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The SLS Collective


Chilliwack Lodge & Retreat



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Just over an Hour from Vancouver

Our farm, lodge and retreat are surrounded by spectacular mountain views, west coast forests, close to lakes and rivers, just over an hour from Vancouver.




ELO Wellness Retreat

The only way to live longer and be happier and healthier is to make your whole person well. That’s our approach here at ELO.

We infuse emotional and mental wellness coaching throughout the program.

Our retreats enhance your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health. You will naturally lose weight and have more energy, serenity and clarity. You can choose weight loss as an enhanced focus of your time here.

Having fun is a powerful, life-extension factor. We want you to return home empowered to live life fully, stay well and be happy.



The Weigh Out Wellness Program




Spirit Serene. Heart Happy. Mind Clear. Body Well.

The Weight Out is a Whole-Person Wellness Program that helps you build personal habits and a sustainable lifestyle for permanent weight control.

We equip you with tools for living - from emotional well-being to mental clarity to stress management, fitness, food prep, habit management, dining out and more.

W.O. helps you build a custom program that's easy for you to live with for the long haul.

It's simple, sustainable solutions that work.